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MIles 3,400

Elta arrived in London from Jerusalem with a guitar and a suitcase in 2015 following her love for music she worked as a sound engineer all around London's live music scene. 

Keeping her voice fit, writing her message in song lyrics, learning the guitar, and 

after over 1000 shows on sound, Elta connected to the best musicians she knew and formed the wave on which her music will be delivered.

​"My music is what I call Eco Active- 

It bears a message of change, which helped me through hard times in life, I'm in search of peace and connection.

Hopefully, I'll inspire others to find balance, and then act on what is needed to be acted on for our planet.

My songs are linked to a tough past but have the beliefe of a bright future ahead, for all of us as a living fabric on this wonderful planet."

​In short:

Eco-Active pop-funk and soul bluesy music, with lyrics that have more than one meaning.

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